I am excited to say that the new interim portables are done and students and teachers are doing great.  Overall the project went really well with very few complications.  The next project will likely begin in the coming weeks.  A waterline needs to be installed for a new fire hydrant and a construction road will be installed.  A community meeting will be taking place on 2/13 at 4:00pm in regards to the possible removal of a few of our trees in the kindergarten yard.  If you have any questions please make sure to attend this meeting.

I will try to keep this page updated with the latest news on our projects.  I will also make sure to have the district construction information here.

FAQ-  Here are a few commonly asked questions that have been coming up that I thought I would answer.

  • Are the construction workers finger printed?- The safety of our students always is priority number one in SUESD. With the passage of Measure C, construction on our school sites will soon become a reality. Even though much of this construction will take place during summer and other breaks, there will be times when construction occurs while school is in session. As part of the requirements to bid on our jobs, contractors will be required to have all of their employees fingerprinted or continually supervised by someone who is. California Education Code 45125.2 also requires entities providing construction services to the district, where the employees of the construction company will have contact with pupils, to ensure the safety of students by the installation of a physical barrier at the worksite. Each employee will also be provided a picture identification card.