Online Education Classes

Online Learning

This year we are offering many different online education classes for our students to use at home. Soquel Staff and I thank you in advance for your help supporting learning at home.  We hope with the support of technology in the classroom and exposure at home, our students will become more comfortable with the computer, have better computer literacy skills, and ready for the 21st century learning.    All three programs offer each student the ability to work at there own learning level.  Each program adapts to the students learning speed and supports them through their learning continuum.   Teachers and I will be monitoring and supporting the students growth on a weekly basis.

Students have practiced all three programs at school and will be able to access the programs at home to continue there learning.   Each student has been given a index card with passwords and log-in information.  These should be located in the child’s homework folder.   Please let your teacher or office know if you do not have Internet access at home or need any support getting started.  If you do not have internet access at home please see the front office. We have several different options available to support your student after school hours.


Thank you

Gerri Fippin