Dreambox is an adaptive math program that will be available to all students Kindergarten- 5th grade here at Soquel. Because learning isn’t linear, true personalization can’t be. DreamBox Learning Math and its Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology enable the seamless integration of instruction and assessment before, during, and after each lesson. Individual, in-the-moment learning experiences are deeply personalized for every type of student to provide the right next lesson, at the right level of difficulty, at the right time. – See more at:

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We are excited to have a math program that will support all levels of math literacy. This program will support those students learning basic math concepts, to those that are well above grade level.

We ask all students to do 5-8 lessons a week, but please be looking to your individual teacher for guidance. Students have access to learn 24 hours a day 7 days week.  The program allows you as a parent to monitor your child’s learning, through the parent portal.

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If you are using a Ipad please download the app; the school code is