Attendance Hotline/Fax: 831-475-4678

Students are expected to attend school every day school is in session unless they are ill, at a doctor’s office, or attending a funeral of a family member. Vacations should be scheduled to coincide with the school calendar. No amount of make-up work can replace time with a qualified and experienced teacher. A child is legally truant if (s)he is absent 3 times during the school year for unexcused absences, as defined by the state. California law requires that the school keep attendance records to show that we have verified the reasons for all absences.

Please call or fax us on our absence line when your child misses school. Tell us the child’s name, your name and relationship to the child, the date(s) that will be missed and the reason for the absence: 475-4678.

While we all experience occasional times when we run late, frequent tardiness interrupts the learning environment for all students. Not only will the student who is late miss important aspects of the lesson(s), a student who arrives late distracts his or her classmates as well. Teachers begin on time and cannot be expected to make special accommodations for those who are not on time. Habitual tardiness constitutes truancy under state education code.